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The Forara 10G XFP optical transceiver module is hot pluggable and low power consumption, designed for 10G Fiber Channel, 10G Ethernet, SONET OC-192, SDH STM-64, OTN G.709 and 8G Fiber Channel applications. The digital diagnostics functions are available via a 2-wire serial interface, as specified in the XFP MSA. The transceiver modules are are RoHS-6 compliant and lead-free.
Part Number Description
FX85TGD3 10G XFP SR 850nm 300m LC DDM MMF
FX31TGL1 10G XFP LR 1310nm 10km LC DDM SMF
FX31TGL2 10G XFP LR 1310nm 20km LC DDM SMF
FX31TGL4 10G XFP ER 1310nm 40km LC DDM SMF
FX55TGL4 10G XFP ER 1550nm 40km LC DDM SMF
FX55TGL8 10G XFP ZR 1550nm 80km LC DDM SMF
FX55TG12 10G XFP ZR 1550nm 120km LC DDM SMF
FXLBTGXX 10G XFP Electrical Loopbacks, 1.0W to 3.0W for option
1. Dual LC/PC connector (-SR, -LR, -ER, -ZR)
2. Only connections with patch cords with PC or UPC connectors are supported. Patch cords with APC connectors are not supported.
3. Minimum cabling distance is 0.5 meters for -SR, and 2 meters for -SR, -LR, -ER, -ZR according to the IEEE 802.3 standard.
4. For -ER, when shorter distances of single-mode fiber are used (<20km), requires 5dB attenuator if Link Distance < 20km.
5. For -ZR, when shorter distances of single-mode fiber are used (< 5km), an inline optical attenuator must be used to avoid overloading and damaging the receiver.
• Requires 15dB attenuator if Link Distance < 5km.
• Requires 10dB attenuator if Link Distance is between 5km and 25km.
• Requires 5dB attenuator if Link Distance is between 25km and 45km.
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