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The Forara 32G SFP+ transceiver modules are hot-pluggable, high-density and low-power consumption, designed for use in Fiber Channel links up to 28.05 Gbps data rate. They are compliant with FC-PI-6, SFF-8472 Rev 12.2, and compatible with SFF-8432 and applicable portions of SFF-8431. Digital diagnostics functions are available via I2C interface. The transceiver modules are are RoHS-6 compliant and lead-free.
Part Number Description
FS8532GD1 32G SFP+ SR 850nm 100m LC DDM MMF
FS3132GL1 32G SFP+ LR 1310nm 10km LC DDM SMF
1. Dual LC/PC connector (-SR, -LR, ER)
2. Only connections with patch cords with PC or UPC connectors are supported. Patch cords with APC connectors are not supported.
3. Minimum cabling distance is 0.5 meters for -SR, and 2 meters for -LR and -ER according to the IEEE 802.3 standard.
4. Links longer than 30 km for the same link power budget are considered engineered links as per IEEE 802.3 Table 87–6. Attenuation for such links needs to be less than the worst case specified for single mode fiber to guarantee operation.
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