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Forara is dedicated to providing the finest quality products and services to our customers, and to do this more efficiently and economically than our competitors. By satisfying our customers' needs, they will continue to do business with us and will recommend us to others.

Forara creates a balance between Family, Work, and Fun
As an employee of Forara, the importance of your contribution cannot be overstated. You will be an important part of this process, for your work will directly influence our company's reputation. In return, Forara is responsible for making sure that all of its employees benefit from their contribution. We are flexible and open to new ideas. Each employees are considered major players in the company providing premium performance. They are self-starters who are low maintenance employees and can complete their work with little supervision.

Forara is an Equal Opportunity Employer
Forara is committed to sponsoring a diverse, innovative and talented workforce where people are rewarded for what they do and how they do it. In order to attract and retain the best, we offer our employees career options and comprehensive, competitive benefit and salary packages.

We constantly strive for excellence
We provide the best working environment and infrastructure for our employees to function at their best. We offer a lifestyle that allows our employees to stay at their jobs longer.
Unsolicited resumes submitted will be considered Forara property. If you are up for a challenge and you are naturally excited by what you do, please check out our current job openings.

Standard Five Insurances and One Fund
• Endowment Insurance
• Medical Insurance
• Unemployment Insurance
• Employment Injury Insurance
• Maternity Insurance
• Housing Provident Fund

Company Internal Premiums
• Competitive Salary
• Performance bonuses
• Flexible working time
• Business-casual work environment
• Employee assistance program
• Perfect talent development program
• Mature introduction training for new recruits
• Specific training based on the analysis of requirements
• External trainings per year
• Allowance on the study of on-the-job postgraduate
• Offering all kinds of opportunities for employees, based on the career development plan
• Advanced travel insurance and travel assistance
• Paid vacations, sick days, personal holidays, and company holidays
• 24-hours personal accident insurance and employer's liability insurance
• Allowance for marriage, funeral, and birthday and festival gifts
• Free physical examination per year
• Allowance for transportation and food
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