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The Forara Compact SFP (CSFP) is a dual-channel Bi-Direction SFP module, integrates two Bi-Direction interfaces in one SFP module over two single strands of standard SMF with an operating transmission range up to 20km, two single LC/PC connectors, designs for high-density port requirements in FTTx deployments. The dual-channel CSFP has the same mechanical dimensions as the standard SFP transceiver and is compatible with the standard SFP cage.
Regulatory and Standards Compliance

• Compliant with IEEE 802.3ah
• Compliant with CSFP MSA Option 2
• Compliant with SFF-8472
• GR-20-CORE: Generic Requirements for Optical Fiber and Optical Fiber Cable
• GR-326-CORE: Generic Requirements for Single-Mode Optical Connectors and Jumper Assemblies
• RoHS-6

• Laser Class I 21CFR1040
• Laser Class I IEC 60825-1
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