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Forara is committed to the protection of your privacy while interacting with our website. We are dedicated to providing a safe and secure network environment for you.

We only collect the domain name, but not the e-mail address of user to our website. We record information of what pages user access or visit, their staying time on the site, or information volunteered by the visitor, such as survey information and/or website registrations.

We set one cookie to help our log analysis program accurately reflect user sessions. No personal information is contained within this cookie. We do not share your information with any third parties and we will never do it or plan to do it.

Any and all personal information we collect through our website is used exclusively for the processing of your order and/or improving the content of our website for a better service. Forara will not use your personal information for any purpose without your consent. Forara does not share, or sold, or disclose any of your personal information with third parties. Under no circumstances will Forara sell or receive payment for licensing or disclosing your personal information.

We respect your privacy. Any information you give to us will be held with care and will not be used in ways that you have not consented to.

Thank you for visiting with us, if you have any questions or comments concerning our Privacy Policy, contact us at
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