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The following job openings are available in Forara:

1) Optical Engineer
Position:  Optical Engineer
Location: Shenzhen, China
Responsibilities:  Optical Engineer
Working mode: Full
Working load: Full
Requirements: Job Description
To research and develop optical parts in active product

Job requirement
1. Bachelor degree majoring in optoelectronics , Physics or related
2. 3 years working experience in active product researching and developing
3. Familiar with communication product and optical testing equipment
4. Basic knowledge of digital circuit
5. Basic knowledge of project management
6. Good communication and team player
Salary:   To be determined
2) Fireware Engineer
Position:  Fireware Engineer
Location: Shenzhen, China
Responsibilities:  Fireware Engineer
Working mode: Full
Working load: Full
Requirements: Job Description
1. Design firmware for products or test board, design MCU interface circuit, EVT for firmware.
2. Develop test software for R&D.
3. Compile firmware design document and EVT report.
4. Provide technical Support for PE/NPI/ME.
Job requirement
Professional Capabilities:
1. Proficiency in C/C++, VB, knowledge of assembler language.
2. Familiar with 8-bit to 32-bit microprocessors(e.g. 51 series, AVR, ARM,etc), familiar with I2C, RS232, SPI, USB interface protocol.
3. Knowledge of analog and digital circuit ,familiar with circuit design tool(protel or PADS).

Experience requirements:
At least 3 years firmware programming experience.

Education Background:
BS in Electrical Engineering,Computer Science,Automation or related field.
Salary: To be determined
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