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10G BIDI XFP (WDM XFP) 40KM Released 2011/02/07
Forara announces new 10G BIDI XFP (WDM XFP) 40km options in its XFP pluggable transceivers lines to meet the growing market demand.

These new 10G BIDI XFP (WDM XFP) 40km options enhance Forara’s existing line of high-speed pluggable transceiver modules.

Below is available detail:
1) 10G BIDI XFP 1270/1330NM 40KM

• Bi-directional 10G data rates
• Transmission distance of 40km with SMF
• FXB23TGL4 with 1270nm DFB Transmitter and 1330nm PIN Receiver
• FXB32TGL4 with 1330nm DFB Transmitter and 1270nm PIN Receiver
• Total power consumption: 2.0 W maximum

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