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Compact WDM SFP (CSFP) 2013/07/30
Forara announces Compact WDM SFP (CSFP) options in its SFP lines to meet the growing market demand. With a sole SFP housing, the CSFP can provide TWO BiDi Chanels with Tx 1490/Rx 1310 or Tx 1310/Rx 1490. The device is compliant to 1000BASE BX20 IEEE802.3 ah with LC/UPC connector, support Digital Diagnostic Monitoring (DDM) function. By adapting this latest solution, the user can easier upgrade and extend their existing network services to two times than before.

Compact SFP (CSFP) Tx1310/Rx1490nm 10km-20km
• 2x Bi-Directional transceivers in 1 SFP transceiver package
• 1310nm DFB Laser diode transmitter
• 1490nm InGaAs PIN photodiode receiver
• Transmission distance of 10km and 20km with 9/125um SMF
• Power Consumption < 1.5W
• Compliant with CSFP MSA Option 2 and SFF-8472

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